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Connect Your CRM with Google Analytics and AdWords
Find out where the good leads are coming from, where to put in more budget, which campaigns to stop, and which campaigns give you customers vs. those that give you a lot of bad-fit leads.
Why PunchyData?

Why is it so difficult to see results from AdWords in your CRM? Or how many leads from your Linkedin campaign converted into sales qualified leads? Or how much MRR was generated from your display advertising campaign?

It’s 2019, why is this still such a convoluted problem to solve?

And that’s why we’ve built PunchyData. We want to help startup CEOs and tech marketers tie their efforts right down to Sales Qualified Leads, customers and revenue.


See results from marketing channels in Pipedrive, and send conversion data back to Google Analytics and AdWords.

Google Analytics doesn’t track offline conversions, but PunchyData will send conversion data from Pipedrive to Google Analytics and AdWords, so you know the exact results you’re getting from your advertising campaigns.

View Lead Source in PipeDrive

Know how you’re acquiring leads by pushing campaign, source/medium and other data in the lead view in Pipedrive for the first and last touches.

Push conversion data to Google Analytics

Google Analytics can’t track offline conversions, but with PunchyData you can push phone-call conversions, live event signups, and CRM conversions back into Google Analytics.

Create remarketing lists in Google AdWords

Send data from Pipedrive to Google AdWords and connect PPC results to revenue. Moreover, use retargeting to drive sales activity and brand awareness by seamlessly pushing Pipedrive lead data to existing remarketing lists in Google AdWords.


$79 / month

$474 / year


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited sales leads synced
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